Dream That Dawn

I Had a Dream Last Dawn_1904

I saw myself came home and went to my room. It’s new, well, not like flashy and brand new, it’s just get furnished and tied everything in its place. Mom were cleaning my room, set everything in order, just like she used too.

I was surprised at that moment, because i was having my own room! Then i went into next door room, there’s Mom and dad’s too– have their own room, together. I saw pair of pillow lied in the floor; wooden board just like the old times when i was a kid.

My room’s size is the same as my parents and is crossed from mom and dad’s. And next to theirs i saw that we even had a special room filled with radio, laptop. I think its some kind like the library. Working room. Ah, just like i wanted, except the books. Well, it’s okay, i’ll but the shelf first.

Overall, i saw that house is not a fancy house, but i really like it. Seriously.

I like my dream last dawn…
And if sleeping at 2am can caused me that kind of dream, i really don’t mind having the drowsiness after in the morning:)

ps: If you can see it, then you can do it. Just believe and work it out!


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