I Like It. I Want It.

SE X10 Mini Pro

My office collegue’s know how many times I open the youtube just to see my baby here. Look over and over again.

Many opinions that came cross about it, but all I know that in spite of all, I want a small, qwerty, light, and handy phone. Not stop until there, but also supported with high quality audio and picture.

So, I guess, I’m going back to my first phone. People said, you can’t get off -your first one- inside your head– I guess it’s valid for everything. But, this is what I want, not need. So, I’m gonna wait a little more time, another few months. At least until the billboard is drop down, until a couple months, until I buy my clothes closet, until they launch new products.

Another thing I’ve learned from my red berry, is that never buy a hot brand new launching products! Especially, gadgets. Oh my, suck it down and wait another few months, let say uh, six. And you’ll see how they lower the price. Because you know, it’s not like it will stick forever, the technology is running out and there’s no way you can keep up– well, at least I’m not that kind of person. So, why not waiting?

ps: Let see how long I’m going to wait on this… ;p

Latest news!
I finally bought a 9300 blackberry. Okay, go ahead laugh it away… But I’m thinking that’s what I need. So, yeah, I’m using it right now and pretty happy about it. Think its a good deal for BB. Currently I’m having another gadget in my mind already. Already?? Already.
Let see… As long as its free, ill keep on dreaming. Aloha!


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