Read and Write

In order to write, you need to read. Its not a theory but at least that’s what I believe. So, I’m going to force myself to read and write in the end. I’m sure its a good whip for me because practically I love the process. One of my release moment. It feels good. Its gewd…

Last night I watched one of the clip taken from TED. Do you knw? I forgot the person’s name but he said that we shouldn’t talk about our goals to people because our brain will take it falsely. They’ll think that we’re onto something by just talking about it. Because when you talk about it, the excitement that comes after is mistakenly received by our brain as if we’re already in the middle of it. The fact is we’re just talking not even doing it.

So, that bold guy said next time you had a plan and if you want to talk about it, talk in such way that doesn’t please you. Say like this, “I’m going to work my ass on to achieve my dream in writing a book!” You can say that…
But then again, its just an example.

Hey, I was wondering, do you think I’d type easier on ipad or ipod, or iphone? Ha ha ha ha …


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