A Little bit Japanese After All

Name: Little Yokozuna
Location: GI Foodcourt

Chicken katsu curry
In my mind, I’m thinking a bit more like Mr. Curry’s taste since I’m ordering the similar menu. Truth to be told I was expecting the same complimentary of red pickles which didn’t happen. Yes, the price is way lower, 38% to be precise.

So, what did I get? I’m getting an ordinary non-sticky rice and a mix of potato, carrot, chicken of course, and… Beef.
I know!
That’s what I’m thinking too. How can a chicken katsu curry mixed with that? Well, to make it worst, the super busy serving back in the kitchen made the cow died not perfectly, you can still feel its juiciness and of course not so much a typical food mom and I would eat. So, thanks for nothing, cowy…

Menu: set B
We tried udon and other fried and bbq chicken dishes. I like the fried crispy flour but overall it left a standard taste of me, nothing stand up in particular, even the salad. Mom said the Hokben’s are way better. Boy, that stall need to improve their recipe. Think either they want to catch up with the korean stall across the bridge or they were runnin under one management. The plates and how they serve the food is similar. Price also.

In this case, I can say clearly that, that korean stall is still much better than yours, lil Japan.

Score: 6.8


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