Stress and Nicole

Okay, here’s what I’m gonna say to you. This milk will be the last amusement stuffed into me belly for today. As my dessert, this milk has done an okay job to make me taste something I’m familiar with.

What excites me today is I had a chance to visit PTC! We ate at Hokben at PTC. Well, what can i say, we were just wondering how it taste compared to their other branches. Err, alright, we got lost. There I said it. We took the wrong turn and end up to Pulogadung or Tj. Priuk (read: Cilincing). So we chose Pulogadung. We even hit Cakung! Wherever that is…

Anyhow, I think we should not take for granted our privileged as human being: talking. Can’t imagine having so many things going on inside your head but has no one to talk. For example, somehow I felt better after talking with Ohio woman name Nicole back then at the office. We talked over the phone about administration issue we had. You know, I’ve always passionate talking to foreigner. Today I’m having it and it’s fun! Love the excitement. See, all my burden for the day seem disappear when talking (to foreginer)!

Now, I am reading my idol’s tweet, bbm-ing with me friend, and summarizing my day in a blog. That also working out. Hoping for another huge deal favor from him again tomorrow:)
Good sleep.


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