Our Next Three Years

Remember about the story about the talents?

Of course we do, it’s a famous well told story since we were in Sunday school. But do you know, it’s actually teaching us simply about task? Just imagine your task at school, college, or even work. Think when you were in the first grade, first year, junior. The task was simple, just do as follow, one task at the time, you are allowed to ask if having a trouble. Now imagine your task now, compare them. It’s getting heavier and sometimes you felt like you’re on your own. What’s happening?

It’s called increasing. The double tasks you’ve been giving indicate your growth capacity. Whoever handing you the task, they know, you are trained to handle it, because you’ve done it previously.

Have you seen a weight lifter? I think everybody is agreeing with me that it’s a heavy duty weight. Now, you might think it’s an easy task in a game where all you have to do is to lift that heavy rock up. Instead of sweating up during the game like a sport that consist a ball, weight lifting is supposed to be a lot easier. I tell you what, all we see is a few seconds show, but the practice to make his body strong and all muscled is taking for months and years! The athlete’s training must be starts from a small weight, and increasing soon he get used with the weight, and so on.

So, the conclusion is there is no big thing happen in just one night. If something big happen to you, it must be something you can handle because you used to train before.

The story about talents reminds me about my task in my life. Hey, let’s talk about my life!

As a copywriter my job isn’t just write. I have to create the ideas of a project and also able to throw it to the floor and toss it into the next big thing. My activity starts like this: I got to the office at 9ish and comparing to the other, I’m more than okay. I never get complained about my office hour. It happens a lot until well, since, I’m still in the same position, there’s nothing much I can share with you. But, I’m sure one day I can see myself rising into a new place I’d like to be.

If I may suggest, in all of you’ve been telling to do, have this attitude, be faithful. Go take a look of your life now, what are your obligations, school, college, or work? Get up earlier to be in the place early, or at least on time. Whatever your current position/ role is in life, apply that word in your life and see the result the next three years. Shall we?


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