What You Do When You Are Bored?

Lately, I can do anything I want in office. Full WiFi connection allows me to download and browse anything, anytime. 

Yesterday a friend of mine who were at the same office back then, asked me about the recipe of two years staying in my last office. I was like blabbering about some crap like finding your passion is the glue that make you stick to the job, because everywhere you land, you’ll face it. By it means bored and feeling to move out.

I’ve spent a year working as Project Manager to finally realize that I prefer to write than to order, manage other people and maintain relationship with clients and vendors. I love my job, as a Copywriter.

Then I took another switch. I finally come back as a Copywriter but finds it. Anyway, at least what I said to my friend is true, you will always find it in your workplace. I just don’t think it‘s gonna be this soon:p. One thing I concern about is I might loose my grip. Being a Copywriter is something I learn autodidact and based on my hobby.

So many ups and downs due to work for the past years, but hey, at least I still have job, right? Ps. Jose always said on his opening speech to give thanks for everything we have even it’s not the best one, at least we still have it. It’s ours. So, thank God at least I still got money to pay the bills.

Hey, I got the answer from my question title! What you do when you are bored?



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