Google Maps Now Available on iOS6

After collecting all the courage that I have, I decided to update my iOS to 6. Been receiving suggestion to do so weeks ago yet I resist it due to the absence of Google Maps.

Something came up yesterday night, after receiving some newsflash from a friend of mine and another confirmation in the morning that told me about that ‘good news’; Goggle Maps is now available on iOS 6. Such a great news since it’s been the biggest reason that keeps me from updating it.

I can feel the urge, anxiety and excitement all in once, I couldn’t wait to download the update immediately. So I did. Helped by a colleague which hadn’t help me that much. All he did was just told me to follow the instruction that appear on the screen (Yo, thank’s a lot bro’!). Anyway, feeling confident that if something happen, I could just scream at him and he’ll help that kept me going.

My heart stops a second when I read that statement.

It failed. I had to restore it.

My friend said that it’s a must for jail break kind of iPhone to restore because the code is different. Hmm, okay, I was going to remove it anyway, I want to make it ‘clean’. But my concern right now is will I lost all my downloaded apps? Because it really took time to bring it there. I mean, most of my apps are limited free edition. But then he told me that Apple use buy once for a lifetime. So, I don’t have to be worried about loosing it. And he’s right.

Waiting is sucks and I can feel the longest two minutes in front of my very eyes. I saw the blue bar moving constantly slow to the edge before finally get restart twice and it succeed. OMG. It was such a relieve! I tweeted a lot about this, can you believe that?!

So, here it is a brand new iOS 6 in my old iPhone. Such an up side down comparing to people put there craving for a queue of brand new 5. If only you can understand the feeling when you read, “Welcome to your new iPhone” greeting in your screen. It feels like I am starting it all over again. Who knows that doing it yourself could bring such joy and excitement. I always get afraid to do this thing all by myself. It turns out that nothing to be afraid about.

So, yeah, I’m glad and happy. I’m so excited for my new iPhone. The Panorama app is amazing, I mean, I know it’s not the next big thing, but the result is one of the kind. I’ve compared it to the similar apps, the result is new!

Overall satisfaction score is 8.5. Hurray, Jobs! For me, Jobs will always represents Apple and not those bunch of kiddos who think they know what they’re doing. Haha..

But, what about the Google Maps I’ve been worrying in the first place, does it really works as they said? Well, God knows that the app will be in Indonesia anytime soon, but now. Apparently Google Maps available only in Hongkong at this moment.

Luckily, my excitement over new iPhone successfully redeem the disappointment of loosing one of my countable apps on iPhone.


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