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Our Next Three Years

Remember about the story about the talents? Of course we do, it’s a famous well told story since we were in Sunday school. But do you know, it’s actually teaching us simply about task? Just imagine your task at school, college, or even work. Think when you were in the first grade, first year, junior. … Continue reading

Selamat Memberi

Pernah denger kan kalo harta yang kita miliki sebuah titipan semata dan kita hanyalah pengelolanya. Terkadang karena kurangnya pengetahuan dan pengertian ini orang-orang cenderung posesif terhadap harta milik kepunyaannya. Semua-semua untuk mengakomodir kemauannya. Segala yang diinginkannya dibuat daftar dan dipikirkan target kapan mencapainya. Itulah saya. Saya termasuk orang yang teliti mengatur kemana perginya uang yang … Continue reading

Stress and Nicole

Okay, here’s what I’m gonna say to you. This milk will be the last amusement stuffed into me belly for today. As my dessert, this milk has done an okay job to make me taste something I’m familiar with. What excites me today is I had a chance to visit PTC! We ate at Hokben … Continue reading

Read and Write

In order to write, you need to read. Its not a theory but at least that’s what I believe. So, I’m going to force myself to read and write in the end. I’m sure its a good whip for me because practically I love the process. One of my release moment. It feels good. Its … Continue reading